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Our Success Stories

  • Jamal basketball player Curovate testimonial
    Jamal 23 year-old with ACL injury on both knees

    Using the app feels like someone is doing every single exercise with me. I check my progress in the app and This motivates me to keep going. I have had two ACL surgeries and the second time, with the Curovate app, I was much more motivated!

  • Kate soccer player ACL reconstruction Curovate testimonial
    Kate 26 year-old with 2 ACL reconstructions

    I have had ACL reconstruction on both knees. My recovery the second time was much easier thanks to Curovate, which kept me on track with my physio and doing my exercises safely. I would highly recommend the app to anyone after ACL surgery!

  • Dylan basketball player ACL Curovate testimonial
    Dylan 24 year old after ACL surgery and injury

    Staying on track with my exercises after ACL surgery was very challenging! With the daily exercise videos and checklists, Curovate was a huge help. The app made rehabilitation part of my everyday life. Now I am back to shooting 3 pointers!

  • Meghan physical therapy student Curovate testimonial
    Meghan 24 year old physical therapy student with two previous ACL reconstructions

    Curovate is a wonderful tool for ACL rehab! I will pass This along to my soccer coach. I can't even count how many girls I have played with who have torn their ACL. I love it and think it is a wonderful help following an ACL reconstruction.

  • Sandy physical therapist's Curovate testimonial
    Sandy Heming Physiotherapist, Manager, University of Toronto David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic, Toronto, ON, Canada

    I am a physiotherapist at the University of Toronto and I have used Curovate with my patients for the past 3 years. The app is very helpful for me because I no longer need to waste time printing exercise progressions and my patients love the app!

  • Michael physical therapist's Curovate testimonial
    Michael Williams Physiotherapist, Clinic Director, Trent Health in Motion, Trent University, Peterborough, ON, Canada

    I've found Curovate to be a great resource for patients when they are not able to return for follow up in clinic, but they still need ongoing rehab. Curovate gives them clear instructions so that they can continue to progress independently.

Proven and trusted by people recovering from surgery and injury


Adherence Rate

This means that 67% of our subscribers stick with their daily exercises! Compare this to in-person physical therapy that has an adherence rate of 20%!


Knee Measurements per Month

Every month people use Curovate to take 3500 measurements of how their knee or hip joint is moving! Without Curovate the only way to get critical range of motion information is by going to a health care provider.



Curovate is trusted around the globe for people to access their at-home recovery after surgery and injury to allow them to return back to the activities they love.

Do you have questions about your surgery or injury?

Ask a licensed Physical Therapist with our NEW in-app CHAT!

"Getting my questions answered at home by a physical therapist after my surgery was so helpful and saved me time and money during my recovery. It was also very reassuring to know that what I was experiencing after surgery was normal." - Amanda

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Here Is Why Curovate Will Help You Recover After Injury and Surgery

Developed By A Licensed Physical Therapist

Nirtal Shah, a physical therapist, developed Curovate with 20 years of clinical experience, evidence-informed protocols and feedback from hundreds of patients.

10,000 People Trust Curovate Globally!

Since Curovate was released in 2016, it has been used by over 10,000 people around the world for ACL injury or surgery, knee replacement and hip replacement

Measure Knee And Hip Range Of Motion On Your Phone

With just your phone, Curovate can measure your knee and hip bending and straightening. This measure is crucial after ACL, knee replacement and hip replacement.

Track Your Progress At Home!

Curovate helps with your recovery journey by providing you with your progress, achievements and friendly reminders to keep you motivated and on track.

Our Research

Read our reaserch that is proving that Curovate is helping people recover after Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement and ACL surgery.

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Monthly Subscription

$8.99 USD*

Per month

  • Video Guided Exercises
  • In-app chat with a licensed PT
  • Measure knee and hip movements
  • Track Your Progress
  • Earn Badges

Premium Annual Subscription

$174.99 USD*

$14.58 USD*/month

  • 4 Video PT sessions! 30 minutes each
  • In-app chat with a licensed PT
  • Q/A emails with a PT for 1 year
  • Video Guided Exercises
  • Measure knee and hip movements
  • Track Your Progress
  • Earn Badges

Annual Subscription

$45.99 USD*

$3.83 USD*/month

  • A 30 minute video PT session
  • In-app chat with a licensed PT
  • Q/A emails with a PT for 1 year
  • Video Guided Exercises
  • Measure knee and hip movements
  • Track Your Progress
  • Earn Badges

Video PT Session

$59.99 USD*

  • A 30 minute video PT session
  • ALL PT related issues
  • To help diagnose and treat your pain
  • One-on-one session
  • Follow-up exercise videos provided

*Charged in your local currency through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Top questions about Curovate

Recovery from a major surgery is a long and hard process. Curovate is designed to help you through all of it. You can use it to:

  • Do your daily video guided exercises – as simple as watching a video and following along!
  • Measure your knee or hip range of motion regularly to monitor your progress.
  • Stay motivated by seeing your daily and weekly achievements.
  • Reach out to us if you have any questions on social or at

To help you every day with your recovery! There is nothing like Curovate that provides you with video guided exercises, progress tracking, measuring capabilities, and reminders – all on your phone. Curovate provides exactly what you need for your surgery and stage of recovery! Curovate is designed by a physical therapist with input from orthopaedic surgeons and other physical therapists. Curovate is also the result of 4 years of hard work and input from hundreds of patients. Our app does not contain advertising and we do not sell your data.

If you miss a few days, Curovate will wait for you! You can resume your exercises and recovery right where you left off. No passive aggressive pop-ups to make you feel bad, we promise!

Curovate does not replace the advice given by a healthcare provider. Curovate has been designed by a physical therapist and the exercises are based on injury and surgery protocols that are either evidence based or evidence informed. You should check with your healthcare provider to ensure you are doing the exercises appropriate for you after surgery or injury. If you take all of this into consideration, you can use Curovate as part of your recovery plan.

Curovate provides your daily exercises with video guidance, progress tracking, daily reminders, and in some cases, the ability to measure your movements. All of this can help to improve your ability to complete your daily exercises. Past users have found that the notifications and exercise videos help them to stay motivated after injury or surgery.

Adherence is your ability to complete your daily exercises and things to do after injury or surgery. In general, adherence levels are as low as 20% after many injuries and surgeries. This results in people not being able to return to activities that they loved and limiting their daily life activities. The intention in developing Curovate is to help people with their adherence to their daily exercises. If you complete all of your daily exercises and check off all of the “things to do” items, you will achieve 100% adherence for that day. There are 3 ways to acknowledge in the app that you did everything you were supposed to do: 1. Watch all of the exercise videos and follow along with the videos to complete your daily exercises; 2. Review each item in the daily list and mark each as complete once you are done; and 3. Mark all as complete once you have done everything you need to do for that session or day. This is how you achieve 100% adherence daily.

For the past 19 years working as a physical therapist, I have assessed and treated patients after injury and surgery. The biggest problem people face is staying consistent with their daily exercises. There are many reasons for this. I have found that daily guidance and exercise reinforcement helps people to stay on track with their recovery. This is one reason why I helped to create Curovate, an app that has daily exercise videos, progress tracking and notifications to help improve access and adherence to physical therapy after injury and surgery. The second reason is because many patients cannot afford to pay for the amount of physical therapy they need. Curovate is not intended to replace a physical therapist but to augment and enhance the physical therapy you are receiving.

If you miss a few days, Curovate will wait for you! You can resume your exercises and recovery right where you left off. No passive aggressive pop-ups to make you feel bad, we promise!

Please feel free to email and we will let you know what is involved.

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